Spirit hides are sculpted on the tanned hides of deer, elk, moose, and buffalo. David removes the hair that he doesn't want and trims the guard hairs to get the sense of depth and dimension, The color varies by the depth of the cut and allows for shading and artistic control of the image.

The exposed skin can be painted to create the full artisty of the piece, or left as tanned buckskin for a more natural artwork.

Sculpted Deer Hides
Unpainted Spirit Hide: $295
Painted Spirit Hide: $590

Deer With Cabin


Whitetail Buck

Sculpted Elk Hides
Unpainted Spirit Hide: $1,300
Painted Spirit Hide: $1,700

Striking Eagle


Cougar Stalking Elk

Hunting Dogs

Sculpted Moose Hides
Unpainted Spirit Hide: $1,400
Painted Spirit Hide: $1,800

Cougar Harassing Bear


Wolves Hunting Moose

Sculpted Buffalo Hides
Quarter Hide Unpainted: $225
Quarter Painted: $600
Half Hide Unpainted: $1,100
Half Hide Painted $1,600

Full Hide Unpainted $1,600 and up*
Full Hide Painted $2,500 and up*

*Price depends on square footage of hide

Full Buffalo - Unpainted


Full Buffalo - Painted

Quarter Buffalo - Painted

Custom Spirit Hides
As you can see the possibilities for custom work are limited only by your imagination.

If you or your organization have an idea for a custom hide be sure to contact me at oldgoattrading@aol.com so we can discuss turning your vision into reality.

This is a custom piece of Rick's lake front property in Indiana on Rick's own hunted hide.


A custom piece done for Humps 'N' Horns magazine.

Custom hide for Indiana Outdoor Adventures TV show.
National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action

Professional Bull Riders
This piece was done for a Native American Casino in Wolfpoint, Montana.

This is a 40 sq ft moose hide. The wolves (in hair) are on Wolfpoint on the Missouri River banks.




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